The popular interdental brush for effective cleaning of the interdental spaces

The premium SPOKAR toothbrush range has been awarded several international prizes thanks to the unique handle design by leading Czech designer Petr Novague. The brush is comfortable to hold and allows precise control when cleaning all interdental spaces.

Anatomy of a toothbrush

Practical caps in every package

In addition to the six brushes, each pack also contains a handy plastic cap to protect the brush fibres. You will especially appreciate its advantages when travelling.

“By carefully cleaning the spaces between the teeth, you can prevent tooth decay. That’s why I recommend the SPOKAR XM to my patients, which is easy and precise to use.”

4 sizes

Choose the size that fits your interdental spaces.

Interdental brush SPOKAR XM 0,4

Diameter: 2 mm

Interdental toothbrush SPOKAR XM 0,5

Diameter: 2.2 mm

Interdental brush SPOKAR XM 0,6

Diameter: 2,5 m

Interdental brush SPOKAR XM 0,7

Diameter: 3 mm

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Advice for clean teeth

You bought a new toothpaste, you brush your teeth three times a day and still your mouth doesn’t feel good? You may find the solution in our dental care clinic.