Technical brushes

Special brushes tailored to your needs

From idea to finished product

We design, manufacture and, if necessary, refurbish the brushes.

Materials we use for production

Synthetic fibres

  • polyamid
  • polypropylen
  • polyethylen
  • PVC – hardened
  • polyester
  • special – abrasive, metaldetectable, antistatic

Natural materials and metal fibres 

  • horsehair
  • fibre
  • basin
  • pig bristles
  • wire (steel, steel with oil, copper)


The fibres are fitted into the brush bodies, which are usually made of wood or plastic (other materials can be used if necessary, e.g. metal, rubber, leather, etc.). It is also possible to use bodies from standard serial products.

Brush manufacturing techniques


The technology of fitting individual fibre bundles into pre-drilled holes. The folded fibres are fixed in the holes with wire anchors.


Fiber fixing with epoxy adhesive.


Traditional hand technology of setting individual fibre bundles. Filament bundles are gradually pulled into the pre-drilled stepped holes using a fixing wire.

Strips with supporting metal tape

The fibres are fixed between two metal strips, after folding them over a brush bar is formed. It can also be spiral coiled and attached to the core to form a spiral disc or cylinder.

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