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Recommended by dentists and dental hygienists

There are plenty of brushes on the market. Ours are carefully made in the Czech Republic and are recommended by dental experts due to their gentleness and effectiveness.

SPOKAR pro celou rodinu

Healthy teeth for the whole family

A smile makes the day. And our toothbrushes will make you smile from morning till night. Beautiful and healthy teeth need to be shown off.

Not a toothbrush, like a toothbrush

Unfortunately, having a toothbrush, toothpaste and the determination to brush your teeth properly is not enough. But in the SPOKAR brush you get a reliable partner that makes everyday cleaning easier.

100% Czech

We manufacture the toothbrushes in Pelhřimov and carefully inspect each piece.

Prestigious awards

Our products score points around the world and win the most prestigious design awards.

Ergonomics and functionality

The optimal hold of the brush and the fine rounded fibres are the basis for success.