Popular toothbrush for children designed according to dentists’ recommendations

The premium SPOKAR toothbrush range has been awarded several international prizes thanks to the unique handle design by leading Czech designer Petr Novague. The unique design, which we have also reflected in our toothbrushes for children, is the result of the search for the optimal toothbrush grip for easy handling and perfect cleaning.

Anatomy of a toothbrush

A colour combination for everyone

The colours of the brush handles correspond to current trends. They are aligned with the fibres to form a harmonious whole. You can simply choose the toothbrush according to your child’s favourite colour and make his or her brushing time more enjoyable. 

“The effectiveness of a toothbrush is determined by its fibres and the way it is held. That’s why we recommend the SPOKAR XD, which meets the highest requirements.”

Are you curious about him?

Get your child a new friend.

Advice for clean teeth

You bought a new toothpaste, you brush your teeth three times a day and still your mouth doesn’t feel good? You may find the solution in our dental care clinic.