Collection of eco-friendly and ergonomic flat brushes

The new collection of SPOKAR flat brushes has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award thanks to the unique design by leading Czech designer Petr Novague. The shape solution is attractive and timeless, respects ergonomic requirements and is environmentally friendly.

Anatomy of a brush

Environmentally friendly

An important factor in the development of SPOKAR NOVA brushes was the emphasis on ecology. The brush handles are therefore hollow to minimize material consumption. The entire brush is then made of plastic, which makes it easier to recycle later.

Spokar nova pro perfektní výsledek

For a perfect result

The brushes are suitable for both professionals and DIYers. They combine high quality fibres with a lightweight ergonomically shaped handle.


3 types of brushes

Choose from 3 types of fitting.

Universal grey UNI fibres are suitable for the application of all types of paints. They soak up the colour perfectly and effectively spread it into an even, smooth, compact layer.

Blue AKRYL fibers are ideal when working with higher density waterborne paints, which are usually harder to blend. Their advantage is the ability to create a very smooth paint surface.

LAZUR green fibres are used for coating with glazes that effectively work into the wood surface. They have good absorbency and pointed ends for good and even spreading.

Are you curious about him?

Experience how easy and light they are to work with.

Advice for professionals and enthusiasts

Don’t know how to apply the paint correctly on the roller or how to choose the right brush? You may find the solution in our painting and decorating advice room.