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Choose the right brush for painting

You can find a variety of paintbrushes on the market, so it may not be easy to choose the right one. Flat or round brushes, synthetic or natural fibres? We will advise you on what to look out for when choosing.

Paintbrush and its types

In terms of shape and application, brushes can be divided into flat, round and special brushes. Flat brushes are versatile, easy to use and therefore one of the most common types of brushes. The width is denoted in inches and you can typically find this type of brush in sizes from 1″ to 4″.

Thanks to its high paint absorption, the round brush is particularly suitable for coating steel structures and other rugged surfaces.

Choose special brushes, for example, for moulding (creating an imitation of the wood grain on the painted surface), lining or for minor repairs in hard-to-reach areas. A corner brush or a flat brush with a long handle is suitable for these purposes.

You can tell a quality brush by its fibres

Most brushes have universal use for different types of paint. The fibres of the brush are decisive for its function. In the past, the vast majority of brushes were fitted with natural pig bristles. However, these are natural fibres and the possibility of damaged or weakened fibres can never be completely ruled out. Thick, poorly blending paints cannot therefore be spread sufficiently.

Today, special synthetic fibres are clearly superior to natural bristles in terms of their properties, which is why SPOKAR NOVA brushes are made of high-quality synthetic fibres.

What makes the SPOKAR NOVA Flat Brush unique

SPOKAR NOVA brushes are designed for professionals and DIYers. They offer a combination of high quality fibres with a lightweight ergonomically shaped handle. The shape of these flat brushes was designed by leading Czech designer Petr Novague and SPOKAR received the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award for them. However, the beautiful design is not the only advantage of this brush.

The octagonal handle of the SPOKAR NOVA brush is comfortable to hold and can always be easily turned to the most suitable working position. The wedge-shaped end of the handle can be used as a scraper or spatula. The brushes are equipped with synthetic fibres of the highest quality, whose properties meet the strictest requirements for the quality application of all types of paints.

When developing the brushes, SPOKAR placed emphasis on environmental friendliness. The handles of the brushes are hollow, which minimizes material consumption. The entire brush, the handle, the wall and the fibers of the attachment are made of plastic. This makes recycling the brushes much easier.

Your paintbrush set

SPOKAR NOVA brushes are available in three types of mounting: UNI, AKRYL, LAZUR. 

Univerzální štětec

The UNI version with grey fibres is suitable for all types of paints. These brushes suck up the paint perfectly and spread it effectively into an even, smooth, compact layer. This is reliably taken care of by the unique EVO fibres, which are hollow, conical in shape and have very finely split ends.

AKRYL for waterborne paints

Use the AKRYL version with blue fibres with very fine chemically pointed ends when working with higher density water-based paints, which are usually harder to blend. With the AKRYL brush you achieve a very smooth paint surface.

Pro lazurovací nátěry dřeva

LAZUR brushes with green fibres are used for painting with glazes. The fibers are stiffer, which helps to effectively incorporate the varnish into the wood surface.

We hope that you will enjoy working with SPOKAR brushes.