We offer our customers complete service in the field of design and manufacturing of injection molds, cables and welding products and other types of tools or equipment.

We also offer production of individual parts or technological operations like for example electro erosive machining, 3-D milling, drilling, grinding, turning, etc.

On the basis of submitted requirements on functionality and appearance of the final product, our team of designers is ready to process necessary drawings and documentation in 2-D and 3-D while using Solid Works and Visi Cad Solid software.

We are able to test injection molding forms on our presses. We are also able to prove welding and clamping parts with the assistance of parts supplied by the customer (in case of welding parts we are also able to proceed functional testing of the product).  

Benefits of cooperation:

  • Many years of experience in the field
  • Professional approach
  • Flexibility
  • Modern technological equipment

performance description

Production program:

Injection molding forms for consumer and automotive industry (including mirrored surfaces intended for metal plating or eventually various types of patterns), pressing tools, components, parts, machining and others.

Maximum tool size: length 2000 mm, width 800 mm

Maximum tool weight: 5000 kg

Staff: 20 workers, 4 designers, 4 TPP + purchase, 1 SMD, 2 Management



Machinery and equipment:

Grinding machine for form grinding: Type: BPH 320, maximum length 1000 mm, maximum width 320 mm

Surface grinder: Type: BPV 40, maximum length 2000 mm, maximum width 400 mm

Conventional machines: Lathes, milling machines, tool milling machines, drills and others

CNC machining center:

Type (management and control system) Table dimensions Capacity Travels
MAS-MCV 1000 (Heidenhein iTNC530) 1300 x 670 1200 kg X=1016 Y=610 Z=720
MAS-MCV 500 (Heidenhein iTNC426) 800 x 500 400kg X=500 Y=500 Z=500
MC 80/3000 CNC (Heidenhein iTNC 530) 3000 x 750 4000kg X=3000 Y=800 Z=620
ACIERA F 45 CNC-4axis 720 x 450 200kg X=520 Y=420 Z= 320

CNC center ACIERA is equipped with programmable infrared gauging system Hexagon.


CNC sinking spark erosion machines:

Type (management and control system) Tank dimensions Table dimensions Capacity Travels
Form 300 Agie-Charmilles 1280 x 1040 x 420 850 x 600 2000 kg X=600 Y=400 Z=500
Charmilles Roboform30 800 x 550 x 330 500 x 400 500kg X=350 Y=250 Z=300
Charmilles Roboform 35 670 x 450 x 330 500 x 400 500kg X=350 Y=250 Z=300

measuring machine:

Type (management and control system) Table dimensions Capacity Travels
Type ETALON DERBY (TANGO) 750 x 560 x 320 210Kg X=450 Y=550 Z=300

CNC lathe:

Type (management and control system) Workpiece capacity Swing over bed / over transverse support
Masturn 70/2000 CNC, Heidenhain 4110 1500kg D=720/430
Masturn50/800 CNC, Heidenhain 4110 350kg D=500/350